Can I print the images? 

You can! I’m happy to provide print releases with all of my sessions although you can also order professional prints and albums through my online print store.

How many images do you deliver?

It’s impossible to give an exact number but about 100 -150 images an hour is good average.

Do you take formal family portraits? 

Absolutely. How much time we spend on that depends on how we end up scheduling the day.

Do you edit all of the images? 

I do. Every one of my images is individually edited to   match my aesthetic.

Do you retouch the images? 

Not as a rule. However I do get rid of blemishes and and other temporary imperfections.


How do you deliver the images? 

I deliver through an online gallery with full download capabilities. I also include professional prints with many of my packages.


Do you travel for weddings? 

Um yes. Please ask me to travel I’d be thrilled to.


Do you have a second photographer? 

Not typically, though I can offer one for an additional fee.

Can we see a full gallery? 

Definitely. I really want to you to get a feel for how I capture the whole day. Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to send you some gallery links.


Can we meet up? 

For sure! I actually prefer getting to grab coffee and get to know my clients before the day of the shoot if possible.

Do you shoot elopements? 

You betcha.

We’re pretty camera shy. what do we do about that? 

Don’t worry! I actually consider it my job to make sure you’re feeling natural and comfortable in front of the lens. I consider it the best complement possible to hear my clients and a good time after their shoot.

What is your shooting style?

I’d describe it as a combination of the fine art and documentary approaches. For most of the day I’ll flit about as unobtrusively as I can capturing as much as I can of all the interactions and details of the day. For portraits I’ll direct a little more to help you feel more natural.